Saturday, May 11, 2013

SDM Redemption!

So today was a Spend Your Points event at Shopper's Drug Mart. If you spent 95,000 points, you could purchase $200 worth of products and only pay the tax. Sweet! I couldn't resist this and told myself it would make a nice Mother's Day treat. ;)

My local SDM had all sorts of stuff going on. There were raffles for some pretty amazing prizes like $250 Shoeless Joe's gift cards and Pandora jewelry, a huge table of delicious desserts, a sidewalk sale of discontinued items marked down to as a low as $1 and surprise bags for $5 or $10! So fun! I'm wondering if this was happening at all SDM's as I forgot to ask them just what they were celebrating.

Anyway, here's what I picked up:

My apologies for the crappy iPhone pics!

So I picked up one of the $5 surprise bags, a 35ml of Coco Chanel EDP for $73, Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color for $38, the Shoppers Drug Mart Fragrance Sampler for $75, 2 Quo Ceramic Nail Files for $3 each (I gave one to my daughter), La Coupe Mousse for $3, Balea Mousse for $3 (both of these are for my daughter who has very curly hair), Always Panty Liners that were on sale for $3.99, and 2 Maybelline Baby Lips for my daughter that were $5.99 and buy 1, get 1 free! I received a Shiseido Water Bottle with some samples in it for purchasing the Luminizing Powder, and a Valentino Body Lotion for free.

Okay, so the surprise bag was pretty useless to me, but it was fun to buy, and I opened it with my daughter and told her she could have anything she wanted. The SDM sales associate told me the bag could contain anything from around the store and wasn't just cosmetics. My surprises were an auburn  L'Oreal hair dye, which I will never use, reading glasses...haha! I'll give these to my dad, haven't wore these babies in 15+ years, a Maybelline Eyeliner, a Sally Hansen nail polish and a L'Oreal eyeshadow quad.

Here's a couple pics of the Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color. I've heard amazing things about this highlighter, and I know it's HG for many!


And a swatch taken with flash:

Here's the Shiseido Freebie:

And a swatch of the Perfect Rouge Lipstick, shade RD142:

I thought this bottle of Valentino lotion was so adorable:

I didn't snap any individual pics of the Coco Chanel, but I'm sure you've all seen it before. :)

The fragrance sampler contains 10 perfume vials, and a certificate to redeem for whichever you want. Included were samples of:

Vera Wang Princess EDT
Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto EDP
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue EDT
Burberry Body Tender EDT
Lady Gaga Fame EDP
Nina Ricci Nina L'Eau EDT
Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT
Juicy Couture Couture La La EDP
Givenchy Hot Couture EDT
Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli EDT

Let me know if you redeemed at SDM and what you got! Thanks for reading!


  1. I like that lipstick! Looks like you got some good things.

  2. Wow that's such a cool event! I have no idea how many points I have on my optimum point. Maybe I should start switching from sephora to shoppers :P

  3. great haul! Shopper's has the best points program, I love it :)

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  7. Wow, you got some really fabulous stuff! I have a MAC lipstick that looks pretty similar to this one... Looks like its going to wear well.

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