Saturday, May 4, 2013

Estee Lauder Madmen Collection See-Thru Blush

I was DYING for Estee Lauder's Madmen Collection See-Thru Blush in 01 Light! Apparently it's not available in Canada, so I went ahead and picked it up through one of my favourite sellers on eBay.  I adore the packaging, and though this was a bit pricey, I will treasure it forever. :)

I think I'll be keeping the box this come in as well, it's just too pretty to throw away!

The blush is surprisingly pigmented considering it's called See-Thru Blush! It's a beautiful shade

My only gripe with this would be that the pan is not removable. I'd love to pop out the blush, and put in a setting powder. Aside from that, I'm sooo in love with this product! :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. OoOoOooh! It came in! I am SOOOO JEALOUS!!!!!!

    1. It's so nice!! Definitely not disappointed. :) Have you checked out the EL Lilly Pulitzer stuff? Very nice designs there as well. And much cheaper. Apparently this Madmen collection was inspired by her prints!

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    1. I just love it! :) Thanks for reading!

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    1. Me too! I wish all packaging was this pretty...Heaven! :)