Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Topbox - Benefit Prive

Today was a great mail day for me! I received two Urban Decay palettes (which I'll review later) and my Topbox! The wait for my Topbox was filled with highs and lows, where I was sure I wasn't getting the Benefit Prive, and then had a sneaking suspicion I was. Today, my dreams came true! :)

Included in this month's Benefit Prive box was:

Total Moisture Face Cream
Dandelion Gloss and Powder
And a tiny sample of Fine-One-One


I'm really excited to try out POREfessional. I have a ton of face primer samples, that I've yet to try, but I'll definitely be testing this one ASAP. Anything that claims to "minimize the appearance of pores" is something that could potentially be my best friend. :) I've just dabbed some on the back of my hand, and was surprised to see that it has some colour to it. Most of the primers I've tried are clear, but this smoothed out beautifully on my hand, and the texture is lovely. I'll post a full review once I've given it a try for a few days.

The Total Moisture Face Cream smells really pretty! It says that it's for normal to dry skin, and my skin is pretty oily, so it probably won't work for me. I'll give it a try, though. I also rubbed this on the back of my hand (which is always dry! I can't win), and it took about a minute to absorb. That spot on my hand is now extra soft! I'm sure this will be wonderful for those with drier skin than mine.

Benetint is a product I have used and enjoyed before. It is described as a "rose-tinted cheek & lip stain" I have never been able to make it stay for long on my cheeks, but I do like using this on my lips! This is the second sample I have received of this product, and I'll probably purchase a full size once I run out.

Dandelion Lip Gloss doesn't seem very pigmented to me, but it felt nice on. Maybe it would suit someone more fair-skinned? For me, it will just go in my pile of clear/almost clear glosses that I sometimes wear over lipsticks.

Dandelion is a highlighter which I had been dying to try! I own several Benefit blushes, and I love them all. On the back of my hand, this didn't show up much. Just some very fine, yet very pretty shimmer. On my face, however; it was the loveliest, lightest shade of pink. I was shocked that it showed up on my skin! I can't wait to get some use out of this, and I think I'll be purchasing the full size!

Fine-One-One is a beautiful coral shade that I adored upon swatching. I haven't tried this on my cheeks yet, and I doubt that it will last long on me because of my oilies. Sigh. It is very pretty though, and I'll give it a fair shot. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading! I'm looking forward to seeing what the "regular" Topbox consists of this month, as well as find out what's in store for March. :)


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